Business Broadband

Business broadband packages usually offer a little bit more than broadband that is used on a residential purpose and may contain features essential for their business or office.

We understand how important a fast but reliable business broadband connection can mean to your business. This is because today an efficient internet connection is vital to running a business due to communication as well as work tasks.

Best broadband provider

Depending on your needs and requirements your broadband provider may be different from another business. Some of the popular broadband providers include:

 Virgin Media      Vodafone

 TalkTalk     Sky

 EE    BT

business broadband

However, we advise you to not only look into the broadband packages that larger, well-known companies offer but to also look into a smaller business that provides broadband and see what they have to offer.

Speeds of business broadband

Business broadband is available to both smaller and larger businesses and offers faster speeds than Wi-Fi used in houses. This allows the broadband to have better uploading speeds, allowing companies to post things easier online and also make a video or conference calls.

Benefits of business broadband

There are many benefits of business broadband including:

 Customer support: With business broadband, you will be prioritised if you have an issue and therefore will receiver better technical support

 Service level agreement: In most cases, your broadband provider will put together a service level agreement to ensure that they will deliver a certain standard of service to your business

 Security: With business broadband, your provider will offer you better and more business-focused security software

 Static IP: With residential broadband, you will not be able to do this however your provider of business broadband may be able to do this for you

Business broadband costs

Unfortunately, business broadband does usually tend to be a little bit more expensive than residential broadband.